It depends on your particular situation, but most often, we offer the following services in resolving your tax situation:

  • Unfiled tax returns. In most cases, it all starts here. The IRS would not agree to any relief of your tax situation until you are in full compliance, and compliance starts by filing all tax returns due. If you do not have the records, do not worry; we would obtain directly from the IRS all your records. And in a significant number of cases, you were owed a refund instead of owing taxes. This happens because when you do not file your return, the IRS would file one for you using the standard deductions for a single filer with disregard to your actual situation.
  • Bank and assets levies. These is a critical time for you and immediate action needs to be taken. The bank is required to hold your funds for 21 days, and unless the levy is released, the funds would be turned over to the IRS. We can work to have the IRS release the levy before the funds are turned over by your bank.
  • Wage garnishments. If you find yourself on this situation, call us immediately. Unless we negotiate fast in your behalf with the IRS, all of your future wages would be garnished (with an small exception amount) until your tax liability is satisfied.
  • Tax Liens. Because a tax lien is filed in your county, and it is a public record; it can make it difficult for you to sell any property that you own or even finance any acquisition. Furthermore, this is only an indication of further collection actions to follow. We can negotiate to have the lien subordinated or released if necessary, while developing a plan to deal with the underlying issue of your tax liability.
  • Unable to pay. If your current financial situation warrants it, we would negotiate with the IRS to suspend any collection action until your situation improves. While this solution is only a temporary relief, it would give you time to work on a permanent solution.
  • Installment agreement. We would work on your behalf to reach a full or partial monthly payment agreement that would allow you to move on with your life without fear of an aggressive collection action from the IRS.
  • Penalty abatement. In some cases, we can negotiate with the IRS to reduce or eliminated the penalties imposed on your tax liability; therefore reducing significantly the amount you owe.
  • Tax audits. We would aggressively represent you in front of the IRS to ensure that your rights as a taxpayer are protected. We would deal with the IRS in your behalf and you would not have to deal with them. Would you go to court in a complex situation without the benefit of an attorney? If you answer “NO” to this question, then why would you face a IRS auditor without the benefit of representation by a tax professional? Contact us before you contact the friendly
    IRS auditor.
  • Offer in Compromise. This is a lengthy process, but well worth the time and effort. LET’S MAKE A DEAL!!! That is what this program represents, and if you qualify, you can settle your liability for significantly less that what you owe. But do not believe all the sales pitch that you may have heard, it is only sales pitches not reality. Nor does everybody qualify for it. We would analyze your case in detail before recommending this solution, therefore saving you time and money wasted in a rejected offer.