About Us

My name is Roberto Pons and I am an Enrolled Agent. An Enrolled Agent is a federally authorized tax practitioner that represent taxpayers in front of the Internal Revenue Service. Because of this, we are subject to Circular 230 of the Internal Revenue Service, which govern our standard of practice with the public, require continuous education in taxation and impose a code of ethics to follow in all situations.

After more than 20 years in the private industry, I decided to obtain the Enrolled Agent designation and concentrate my practice in helping taxpayers with their tax problems.

I am a member of the National Society of Enrolled Agents and of the American Society of Tax Problem Solvers.

It would be my pleasure to resolve your tax problems, so you can continue enjoying your life
without worrying about your tax debts.


To help you resolve your tax problems in the most efficient manner and allow you to go on with your future without the fear of past tax issues.

We will safeguard all your rights as a taxpayer and aggressively represent your interest in front of the Internal Revenue Service to achieve the most beneficial solution to you.


You can rest assured that your first contact with our firm would be with a tax professional and not with a salesperson. Our objective is to find the most effective way to solve your situation, and not to sell you our services if they are not in your best interest.

As a local firm, you can deal with us face to face, and not just over the phone or e-mails.